Is it dick candy or a penis-shaped breath mint?

Dick Tarts

Dick Tarts

  • Shaped like tiny penises
  • Seven flavors
  • 20 mints per container
  • Great for bachelorette parties
Dick Tarts are small suckable-chewable penis-shaped sugar candies packaged in a “shaker” container with a flip top lid. They come in seven flavors, one per container: peppermint, orange, strawberry, cherry, spearmint, banana, and cinnamon. The color of the Dick Tarts matches the flavor. (The flavor is chosen at random when you order.) Each candy is about 5 calories.
Dick Tarts

Designed primarly for bachelorette parties, where mock penis sucking is de rigueur, Dick Tarts also can be used effectively in other social situations and occasions. Here’s some we came up with; add yours to the list! Offer a Dick Tart to:

  • Bitchy mother in law
  • Ball-breaking boss
  • Overly macho guys
  • Girls who act all innocent and pure
  • Pick-up artists at bars
  • Door-to-door salespeople or proselytizers
  • Gay guys
  • Anyone who likes an unexpected joke

There’s nothing more to be said except, Dick Tarts. They’re
Dick Tarts. Either you have a reason to buy and own them or you don’t. Dick Tarts speak for themselves.

Where to Buy

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